Experience a fast-paced adventure

Watercraft half a day at Ljusterö. On a watercraft you experience a mix between nature, water and speed. With a watercraft you get up at speeds of around 45 knots and it quickly gets up in speed. Water scooters may only travel in public waters in the archipelago.

It is allowed to travel 300 meters on each side of the lane but not closer than 100 meters.
This is how to describe our watercraft: Strong sea features and dazzling performance characterize VX Deluxe and its outstanding betting and acceleration is created by a combination of high flow intake, Hyper-Flow jet pump with high pressure and stainless steel impeller, rotating in a precision house .

New RiDE system (back with electronics

For intuitive speed reduction)
The kayaks are located at Klintsundet, the strait between Västra and Östra Lagnö. From Ljusterö, the Lagner Islands, like a 1.2-mile-long arm, straight into some of Stockholm's archipelago's most beautiful paddle waters. Starting from here is very popular with kayakers, and during the big weekends you see caravans of cars loaded with kayaks on the road to the Lagner Islands.

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